I had a dream

Fantasies. I have come to learn that fantasies come to different people in different ways. Some are more of a wishlist than a fantasy. Some are best left as they are, and should remain a fantasy. Some are seen online or on TV and then are added to a memory fantasy bank. Mine mostly come... Continue Reading →

a HEAD start

Out of the blue we received a message from ND. A long time playmate who we had not chatted to for a while now. ND was coming to town and it was time again for some threesome fun. C had made other plans already, which meant I would go off early and keep ND company... Continue Reading →

Hall pass

Eventually I can sit down and put pen to paper, as it were. Our first hall pass experience. It's been a few months now and I have been keeping all the saucy details in my head ready for when I can finally sit down and write my blog (and also with a little help from... Continue Reading →

Fantasy come true

This story has two parts which I am going to need to cover in two separate blogs. I would keep you here reading for hours if I covered every small detail of our poker evening in one story. Yes, we arranged a poker evening, one that included very little poker and a huge amount of... Continue Reading →

When in Rome

There are so many things this journey has taught us. One that I can mention now is never can you plan ahead, you never know what a night out can bring. Not even in the ‘swing’ of things do things go according to plan. This night in particular many plans changed but all for the... Continue Reading →

Three times a charm

The afternoon had started with a sexy photoshoot, something that would take me completely out of my comfort zone. That side of the camera I would have to give control to a stranger with all my clothes off. I was ready, I had to be, there was no turning back now. The shoot would continue... Continue Reading →

Elephant in the room

It's C here, Lizzy's husband. I'm writing this note to hopefully help couples out there not make similar mistakes that I, we, recently made. This isn't necessarily a sexy note, but it's probably worth a read if you are in the "lifestyle". It's honest, cringeworthy and quite long so grab your cup and settle in.... Continue Reading →

Playing in a crowd

My first Harem experience at the club was nothing like I imagined, but that said it was more than I expected. Let’s start out with what I expected. In my mind’s eye, I had pictured a mangled group of bodies across multiple mattresses spread out on the dance floor. People touching and holding in all... Continue Reading →

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