3rd night out, Treats 2nd Visit – by C

(Written by C- his perspective)

So, Friday was an interesting night. We were booked into our usual spot, had an early supper and went to the room to freshen up and have a few drinks. We were both fairly relaxed while she bathed and changed. I met him at the bar around 7pm, same guy as last time. We had a quick drink and then went up to the room.

He greeted #Lizzy with a kiss on the cheek while I poured a drink for us. We sat chatting on the couch while I tried to figure out how it should start as the whole massage thing probably wouldn’t be as much fun the second time around. I had asked her to change into a tight vest and panties and then walk into the room so I signaled her and she went and changed. Now she has great tits, really, and seeing her in the vest with her nipples clearly showing was a huge turn on. I met her at the bed and started kissing her. He walked up behind her and I felt her jerk and gasp as he touched her, which instantly made me hard.

She was facing me and he was behind her, rubbing his hands over her body and cupping her boobs. I peeled her vest off and she turned around, he rubbed her boobs and started kissing her (I thought this might be weird or that I wouldn’t like it, but it was a big turn on). By this time he’d pulled her underwear down and dropped his pants, he was also hard. I turned her around and she sat down on the bed with us both standing naked in front of her, both as hard as hell. She grabbed a cock in each hand then laughed and said “what do I do with these, which one first” she took me in her mouth while jerking him and alternated with us a bit. I knelt between her legs and started licking her, she was soaking wet, she was sucking him and he was groaning and moving his hips, obviously enjoying my wifes’ mouth to the point where I thought he was close to cumming.

I moved away to the couch, he pulled her towards him and started eating her deeply, I saw him pull her towards him and turn her over onto her knees, at that point he was rubbing his cock on her soaking wet pussy while he fingered her, she came quickly, soaking the bed below her. I wasn’t sure exactly when he pushed into her but I saw her moving around then suddenly she dropped her head to the bed and started moaning while she pushed her hips against him, I guess that was the moment 🙂

She came twice again in quick succession, she squirted all over him and the bed, and I couldn’t help it, and came myself. She called me over to the bed and I lay down next to her, she started sucking me while he was fucking her. At one point he started really pounding and her hips were moving, her mouth was all over my cock and she was actually screaming as she came, again and again.

He pulled out of her and she started sucking him while I watched, he moaned “I’m coming, I’m coming”, she moved her mouth, jerking him off until he came all over himself and her hands.

We lay back and caught our breath but he had to leave so he washed up and left. It was an awesome experience watching my gorgeous wife enjoying herself like that, my own private porn star.

There was no jealousy and honestly it’s not a big deal, a couple sharing awesomely sexy fun with no strings and no hang ups. We both enjoyed it and agreed we’d do it again in awhile, but with someone else next time. I’m really fortunate that we can share experiences like this together and enjoy it as much as we do.

I hope you have enjoyed our experiences up to now, I hope they have made you horny and, or pushed you to broaden your horizons. Thanks for following and enjoy our posts. Ciao.


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