The start of it all – by Lizzy

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The night of my first erotic massage turned out to be more than any of us could have planned. John our masseuse arrived with me already on the bed. The only thing covering my body was a small towel over my torso. At first the massage was slow and at one point I was convinced this would be it and as far as it would go, but when this stranger moved down my legs and then up again towards my clit.. Touching it softly at first as he picked up the pace I knew that this was it and a point of no return was reached. I moved his hand from touching my gspot to my clit. My body shimmering with oil in the low light. I glanced over to my husband sitting on the other side of the room he was already hard, seeing him turned on like this did all sorts of wonders to me and I started to cum. It was intense feeling it with every part of my slippery body. I eventually called him over and while this stranger continued playing with my clit I took my husband deep into my mouth.. I remember wanting to swallow him deep into my throat and I enjoyed it.. I came over and over. While I sucked my husband I touched my masseuse and jerked him off while feeling how uncontrollably turned on my husband was by all of this. I had always planned that once this stranger had left we would then have uncontrollable sex but this plan changed very quickly… Being so turned on, my husband turned me over penetrated me and began to pound me hard, for a moment it felt like there was no one in the world just us.. My masseuse was watching while both of us came hard, he enjoyed the passionate show he was witnessing. All control and hold back was gone.

Once John had left the room we sat for hours drinking in the glow of our next experience .. We were high in a sexual experience and chatted for hours… Of course this ended up in another hard deep sex session.. I came uncontrollably everything was wet.

This night set the tone for a weekend of naughty sex whereever we could.. Can’t get enough.

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