Friday Night’s Massage – by C

(Written by C – blog from his perspective)

This is the beginning, a few years back and the very start of our MFM journey.

The original masseuse I had booked just stopped responding and I had to get a replacement in 2 days. It had taken me 3 weeks to choose a suitable guy so I thought there was no way I would get it right and it was a bit frustrating. I ended up registering on a swingers site and posted a message that we were looking for a guy to massage Lizzy. After her pic went up I received over 400 replies, in fact am still receiving them 😄.

I asked Lizzy to help select and we narrowed it down to 3 guys but she said I had to make the final choice. I arranged to meet him first at the hotel bar at 8pm.
Lizzy and I had supper and a bottle of wine, then she went up to the room to bath and wait while I met him. We agonised for hours about how nervous we were, what she would wear, what would happen, etc etc etc, it was nerve wracking to be honest!

I met him in the bar. He was not quite the stud his photo’s suggested, but we were committed and he was acceptable to me. We had a drink and chat, he also seemed fairly nervous, I was comfortable and asked him to meet us at the room in 10 minutes then went back upstairs to find Lizzy sitting waiting, really nervously. Then he arrived.

He introduced himself with a big smile to my wife who was wearing a ridiculously small, gaping nightgown. The massage started with Lizzy on her stomach and started as you would expect normally. When he was massaging her upper thighs I think he may have brushed up against her lips but I couldn’t really see. She sighed deeply though and opened her legs slightly, that immediately got me hard. I was sitting at the table watching. At no stage did I feel uncomfortable or jealous, I was just turned on and excited watching my wife start enjoying herself.
He asked her to turn over which she did quickly and it occurred to me that her breasts, which are really nice by the way, were on full display to a complete stranger! She still had a small towel covering her hips.

He started massaging her neck and moved down to her chest, breasts and nipples. She was breathing hard and I knew she was getting turned on. He then moved to her legs and slowly worked his way up. Before I knew it, he was rubbing her pussy and had his fingers inside her, she didn’t complain at all and was moaning and shifting around as he pumped his fingers inside her, I couldn’t believe my wife was moaning with another mans fingers in her pussy. I could hear how wet she was as his fingers moved in and out of her. He then asked if he could remove the towel over her hips which she agreed to. By this time I was hard as a rock and leaking precum into my shorts. He rolled the towel and slipped it under her hips, here is my wife completely naked with a naked stranger sitting between her legs, fingering her g spot, i couldn’t believe it. She had her first and second orgasm while I was watching. She then looked at me and said “ I want you here”. I stood up, removed my shorts and stood next to her. He was still fingering her but she had moved his fingers to her clit, which she prefers. She took me deep in her mouth, while I watched him finger her. Lizzy is definitely multi-orgasmic, she can cum all night and she often squirts.
He suddenly moved between her legs and started licking and eating her out, he was really getting stuck in and while she was sucking me she moved her head away and started moaning and cumming again really hard, I actually think she squirted in his mouth but he kept going. I’m not sure how but I had not cum yet. I moved back and she started giggling in her orgasm bliss. We all laughed at the awkwardness of it all and sort of backed off.

Here I was, with a rock hard cock swinging around, in front of a naked stranger who had just made my wife cum a few times. We chatted for about 5 minutes then I moved back to Lizzy on the bed. I asked her to jerk us both off, which she started doing, i was watching her rubbing his cock which drove me crazy. I turned her over and started fucking her from behind, she still had a hand on his cock but he moved back and just watched us, I felt a torrent gush against my legs as she squirted again, she was almost screaming which made me cum really hard. Once again we collapsed, chatted for a few minutes, he asked if he could shower, which he did and then thanked us and left.

Lizzy and I talked about it for ages afterwards and ended up having sex again with her really cumming and squirting hard again, I don’t think our neighbour in the room next door got much sleep.

The discussion basically ended up with us agreeing we both loved it but that anything we did would be together. We absolutely enjoyed it and will do it again for sure. I was not that happy with the guy and Lizzy said she did not want to take him in her mouth because she was not that turned on by him, but more the moment. She admitted that if he was more her type she would for sure have taken him in her mouth while I was inside her. She amazed me by saying that with the right guy and the right setting, she “would do anything” and if deep in the moment she admitted she might ask me if she could fuck him!

Next time I will make sure the guys pictures are recent and take a bit more time before committing. Everything else was perfect to be honest. For me it was a best case scenario. 😊

I feel like I learnt something about myself and Lizzy. I feel closer to her and, bizarrely, I feel like we are more “together” than ever. We woke up late the next morning, I asked her how she felt and she said great, no regrets or issues, she asked how I felt and I said the same. Needless to say we almost immediately had sex again and again later that day.

I hope that you found this interesting, if you have any questions, feel free to ask Lizzy or I, we’ll do our best to answer.


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