Home town meeting – by C

Here’s C’s perspective on a meeting we had a year or so ago…

We had set up a meeting a few weeks ago, actually to take place tonight out of town. While we were setting that up we had a guy, let’s call him ND, contact us to say he was in our town on business and would we like to meet. I asked Lizzy and she agreed straight away which surprised me, she’s definitely getting more comfortable with this!

We exchanged numbers, created a Whatsapp group and started chatting on there, soon enough we were sharing pics and videos on the group, which was a big turn on for everybody. He sent a vid of him cumming to Lizzy’s pics which drove her nuts. Then, disaster…. her cycle started the day before the meet, completely unexpected. We were both quite bleak, I contacted ND and told him we could still meet but sorry, nothing more. I’m sure he thought we had got cold feet.

Anyway we agreed to meet for drinks across the road from his hotel, he was a youngish guy, easy to chat to, good looking and in good shape, it was pleasant and Lizzy certainly enjoyed his attention. At the end of the meeting he suggested we go up to his hotel room, no pressure, and left. We discussed it and Lizzy, while trying not to look too excited said yes. In fact I dared her to say no, and she couldn’t. A turned on woman is the best. We messaged him to say “we’re on our way up”.

We arrived and after an awkward moment, I asked Lizzy to stand up, unbuttoned her top and took her bra off, he was sitting on the bed watching. I stepped back and sat down as he stood up. They started kissing and she took his shirt off, her hands dropped to his jeans, it was so erotic seeing her unbutton them and slowly push his underwear down, her hands sliding over his cock.

She moved him to the bed and took him in her mouth while I lay and watched, it was crazy erotic. We both lay down and she sat over us, sucking and jerking us in turn, at one stage she deep throated him and he leaned back and looked at me sighing with pleasure. She paid some attention to me and bought me to the edge, I couldn’t hold back and came. She moved her lips to his cock, and really started on him, licking and sucking, he grabbed her head and kissed her, groaning how he was cumming, which he did.

#Lizzy seemed mighty impressed with herself while ND and I lay back and caught our breath, she reminded me of a cat who has been into the cream.

We said our goodbyes, promised to meet when he is in town again and left. It was an interesting evening and a new experience for us, I enjoyed it. Lizzy told me how incredibly turned on she was by the whole thing and quite frustrated by her inability to finish herself.

On that note, we’re on our way to a meeting out of town tonight, we’ll keep you updated!


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