Lizzy’s next first

(Written by C- his perspective)

After our last two meets in quick succession, it was obvious that my wife was totally into this hotwife experience. It’s probably one of the real tests for the husband, that moment that you realize a husband, that your wife isn’t only doing this for you, which is how it generally starts. She’s decided you really do enjoy this and she’s also realized that she loves the fact that men are attracted to her and you’ll allow her to sleep with them. Sleep with them? Who am I kidding, fuck them is the right wording.

Lizzy is so into this, it’s hot, surprising, sexy and disconcerting all rolled into one.

ND, the guy who we met in our hometown last time and who Lizzy gave head to, let us know he was visiting again. We booked a room and arranged to meet. Lizzy was nervous as usual but I knew she liked him and after a few drinks we went to the room.
This time I started it, asking her to stand and undressing her as he sat on the bed, staring at her tits. She pushed him back and straddled him, sliding up and down, kissing him. He was completely hard and she was sliding her body over him, I could see her pussy literally dripping and leaving moisture on his cock. He hadn’t put a condom on yet but I know she was tempted to slide him into her. ND turned her over and started going down on her while she pulled me into her mouth. Quickly pulling on a condom he pushed into her, making her groan loudly over my cock. He started rocking her and she started cumming hard wetting the sheets, I moved back and he turned her over both of them cumming pretty quickly.
We sat back and relaxed, chatting and having a drink. Getting hard again I suggested they start. The pics are from here.
Kneeling on the bed they started kissing while she rubbed his cock, also hard now. That’s a crazy feeling, watching your wife kissing a guy while holding his cock, moaning softly, nipples hard as rock and her legs parting slightly to give his fingers access.
She started going down on him while he fingered her and she came quickly. She called me to the bed and, to my surprise, straddled him riding his cock hard, pulled me behind her. Now I know that DP is a fantasy of hers, but didn’t realize she would initiate it which was so erotic.
I pushed against her ass but she was so tight, also being stuffed with his cock didn’t help, she was going crazy riding him, cumming over and over. I eventually got in and she collapsed on top of him moaning loudly. She was cumming in little rivers, running down his hips into the bed. We rode her like this for a few minutes and I couldn’t hold it cumming as well, then moving back to watch the action. He turned her over and started pounding her. That’s the video section you’ll see. It was crazy erotic. Seeing her moaning, clenching the sheets, the headboard, her body jerking and writhing with orgasms pulling him into her as he fucked her. I can’t count how many times she orgasmed but he finished and we all fell back, spent.

After he left, with promises of the next meeting, Lizzy and I went at it again, both cumming very hard. What a night…


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