Treated 3 times – by Lizzy

So where to start. This time it all felt normal, like something we do every day, but this time I knew it would be a little different. This time he would penetrate me and I would not fight the urge to let him. This would be first time in many years I would feel another man’s penis deep inside me.
The evening started quite relaxed, with a chat and a glass of wine. When it was time, hubby asked me to change, I went into the bathroom, changed and came back into the room with only a white vest and g string. No bra. I was aware my hard nipples were showing through my vest. I could not hide them, but honestly I never wanted to.

It started with me kissing hubby while he slowly pulled my shirt off. All of a sudden I felt mr treat join me from behind. His wondering hands went straight to my breasts while I could feel his naked body rubbing up against me. I turned around and it did not take long till he had his fingers inside me. I was so wet already. I was so pre-occupied I never realized we were in the bed and I was already cuming hard.

After awhile I had put penetration out of my mind thinking that he would take the lead from our previous meeting and he would not fully go inside me. Hubby had now moved to the other side of the room, he was watching, stroking his hard cock and I instinctively moved to my hands and knees which is one of my favorite positions .. I feel it so deep.

I could feel me treat teasing around my clit with his hands, suddenly I felt as he rubbed his cock around my wet pussy and without a second thought slipped into me. I gasped with a sudden thought to pull away but my body felt differently.. It pushed back onto him.. I could feel my back arch and my muscles around his hard cock clench. I now started to cum over and over, rocking back hard into him .. I was dripping wet, coming over and over. I called hubby over not knowing that the he had already cum and I wanted him to cum in my mouth as Mr treat started really pushing hard into me making me weak. But instead I heard mr treat say “ oh god I am going to cum” I turned around and motioned for him to like down next to me. With hubby right there next to me I took mr treat deep into my mouth. I felt his cock pulsate in my mouth as he sprayed cum over us both. I lay back on the pillows looking for any dry spot on the bed. I knew that given another few minutes I am going to have a second round of sex this time with my hubby and with the intensity we both look forward to afterwards. We did, and knowing we could share such a moment made us feel closer, our sex life and general communication had gotten so much better. It’s incredible we can share these experiences. Till next time.


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