Two nights to convince me, ND & R – by Lizzy

Out of the blue we got a message to arrange a meet up right here in our hometown with a guy called ND. But this was never the plan, it was almost as if it was against the rules? Even so something made it a little easier for me this time. Maybe this time was different because we started chatting via message beforehand and he really seemed interested and C was also really turned on by our messaging banter up and down, exchanging pics and videos, this was hot and I could not help but feel extremely turned on because of this.
On the day before the meeting nature took over, I began my cycle and I knew sex was out of the question for us now. But he was happy to just meet us for drinks, which took the edge off somewhat. One thing led to another and the ball was placed in my court, he invited us back to his room and we all knew that this was going to be an evening of ‘two guys and one girl giving head’. C also seemed turned on by the prospect of going back. My shyness took over but I knew I was going to go through with it from the minute we sat down at the bar. How could we not? I had spent two days being turned on by these two guys – why would I not want to?
We went back to the room and I was soon going to be the centre of attention, but I love giving head and the thought of the absolute control I had giving it to two guys at once turned me on a lot. It started off slowly and I relaxed easily but before I knew it I had him in my mouth, slow gentle strokes at first, I took him deep into my throat, I could feel him stiffen up and moan, he enjoyed this, I heard C moan with pleasure too – now I was really turned on. I looked over at C and called him over, before I knew it I had both of them next to each other on the bed and I was taking turns with each in my mouth. ND paid a lot of attention to me even when I had C in my mouth he was kissing my neck and back. I could not hide my smile in-between swopping these two hard cocks in my mouth, I was enjoying this more than I could have thought. Both of them came one after the other and I had them both in the palm of my hands – literally, all that was missing was me being able to feel the same release of cumming but I knew I could save this for another day, it would be worth it. The evening ended quite quickly from there. ND mentioned he would be back in May and I could not help (for the first time) look forward to the prospect of another meet… it’s almost because I needed to finish off what we had started.
One week later and we are off out of town for our planned meet. We had been planning this trip for a few months now but still had not found a suitable guy until the Wednesday when we started chatting to one who was available for the Friday meet up, let’s call him R. Butterflies again for the first introduction, but after a few shots and some strawberry champagne in the room, he offered to massage me while I was blind folded to break the ice. It did not take long and before I knew it, he was on top of me, he was a little forceful and knew exactly how and what he wanted, and at that point he wanted me!
I was so turned on that it did not take me long to start to cum, my body felt numb every muscle started to shake. He took me from behind, deep and hard. C was standing next to the bed and I took him in my mouth, he moaned and I immediately felt myself get even more wet. I had the best of both worlds and I loved it. At one point while C and R were changing positions I could not help but touch myself and cum all on my own. Enjoying this, they stood back and watched me for a minute or so. I was so turned on that by now I had lost all control, the sheets, bed, everything was wet. C stood over me and I watched him cum, soon after R also started to come his full body weight on me, he moaned uncontrollably. The room was spinning, I felt as if I was floating.
We all sat back naked, smiled and chatted for a little while. C then suggested round 2 and asked if I was ok with that, of course I was, I wanted as much as I could get right now. I found myself in the same situation as the previous week, me giving head to two cocks hard for me again. From here some parts are a bit of a blur, all my body wanted to do was let go and gush. With one cock inside me and the other in my mouth I came, over and over again. I could feel myself grinding back onto R’s cock inside me to feel it as deep as possible. These two men so hard and turned on again, my body was tingling all over. we all came one last time, moaning so loud. I had been taken and taken hard. It felt so good.
I looked over at C and he was looking back at me, smiling. I must be the luckiest girl in the world I thought. For a moment, I forgot the world around me, I forgot that R was in the room. Again, felt closer to C than ever before. With every experience I enjoy it more and more, my love and devotion to C also grows more and more, you understand it only at that given point how special these moments are.
C admitted later he could see a difference in our last two meet ups, he could see that my enjoyment these two times were not only for him, but I was starting to enjoy this for me, he is right. I now shyly have to admit I do like it a lot. I enjoy the presence of a stranger who is learning how to touch and please me at that moment, mixed in with a man who has known me for years and knows my every thought. This man that I grow closer and closer to with each experience. As much as I love being turned on, I love the feeling of glowing in the closeness it brings to our marriage. I almost feel I want to share it with everyone I know, tell them how special it is. But this remains our ’thing’ and that on its own is also very special. ‘Til next time, XX

R fucking me off the bed


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