Playing in a crowd

My first Harem experience at the club was nothing like I imagined, but that said it was more than I expected. Let’s start out with what I expected.

In my mind’s eye, I had pictured a mangled group of bodies across multiple mattresses spread out on the dance floor. People touching and holding in all directions. I had already decided that maybe this was not going to work for me. It was exciting to think that maybe I could be sexually touched and played with by anyone to my left or right which did turn me on, but also made me a bit nervous that I might not like those around me, what if they just did not excite me? In this case I had already made up my mind I was going to stand back and watch the night unfold with the possibility of not even getting involved – how wrong was I! Just have a look and learn, this was my plan. This is where I was completely wrong and learnt (once again) that sexuality, and all the excitement that come with it, cannot be planned.

Sexuality and learning more really excites me. I love to find out more, I love to try and learn something new every day, I know now that never have we experienced it all. There is always another little mountain and valley ahead of us. A Harem evening was exactly what I was excited for – eventually I could stand back and watch many couples sharing sexually, learn from them – how do they move? How do they climax? How do others react to their climax? Was I the same, was I normal? Was it erotic or did the personal experiences get lost in the crowded moment. So many questions which were quickly answered as the night unfolded

So, in the beginning…

Long before we had even considered the Harem evening we had been chatting to a single guy online (further referred to as T). He had made contact with our online profile a long time back but for some reason we had never really chatted up until now, maybe our stars were never inline before but for some reason things changed and we started connecting more and decided our first meet in person would be at the Harem evening. For all of us being our first, this was brave, I know.

We arrived only in a towel as instructed, everyone was the same which made it very comfortable. Somehow, it’s different meeting someone for the first time in more or less the same level of ‘outfit’ and you know that under that towel there is nothing but nakedness – turning me on by just the thought of it. We met with T, and the three of us seemed to click straight away. He seemed different to his profile, and this time it was a good thing. He was less reserved than what he seemed online and after a few drinks and light-hearted chatting I think we all knew where the evening would end up.

My towel had a mind of its own and decided it would rather be around my hips than my tits. There is always a certain part of the evening, and I can never pinpoint when, but at this moment I am absolutely comfortable with my nakedness. I had decided to let my towel win the battle. It was then, I was dubbed ‘the secretary’ – my towel around my hips looking more like a pencil skirt, high ruby heels and my dark rimmed glasses. I showed off a little ‘porn star’ grin – finger in my mouth and innocent flutter of eyelashes over the rim of my glasses with my head cocked to the side. I can’t lie, I enjoyed the attention, which girl wouldn’t. At this point C’s was getting anxious to get things going and he decided it was time to get the ball rolling – body shots on the bar. C insisted that T climb up and complete the first one on me. C stood on the side of the bar and instructed T where to lick by dripping a trail of tequila up my body. T did not hesitate for a second and followed the trail with pleasure. I could feel his smooth chest move over mine then his hard cock rubbed up against my inner thigh. Instantly I was turned on, arching my back and pushing my hips up to his for some more, and oh, did I wanted more. I looked up at C and he had a sexy grin on his face, I now had been given permission, by the most important man in the room, to dive into our fantasy and enjoy. I grabbed T’s head and pulled him into a kiss, maybe it was a bit of a test on how we would connect – he reciprocated without holding back, now pushing his hard cock onto me, I could feel it move between my legs, I was wet. And I don’t only mean on my breasts where I had been licked just moments before but my clit was tingling with pleasure.

Without hesitation Madam L (who knows her way around sexuality) suggested a massage for Lizzy – this would ensure the sexual excitement continues. She was looking for volunteers… to which 5 men stepped forward. Blush. I lay on the massage bed and let them all touch my skin and smooth over my body with their hands. Madam L stepped in, with all the men watching closely, she put her fingers inside me and gave an ‘impromptu’ lesson on how to make a lady gush – and she was right on the money (or should I say g spot), quick and easy I started to moan, sitting up as I came in front of all these eyes. I could feel myself getting to a point where all I now wanted to feel is a hard cock (or two) in my hands and mouth. C suggested we move off to one of the mattresses on the dance floor, there was no doubt that T was also invited seeing that I had both C and T’s cock in my hands at this point, one on either side.

C started touching me straight away, he knows me so well he knows exactly how to touch me to keep me coming. Madam L had started what he is now increasing. I welcomed T’s hard cock into my mouth, he has been hard since the moment we met, needless to say – anyone who knows Lizzy knows she has a weakness for a hard cock and especially one that is hard for her. Oh boy, now I have started typing in the third person, maybe because I have retreated into the depth of my minds fantasies, remembering how it feels to have one cock in your mouth while another touches your clit making you squeal and moan as you come over it.

Back to the story… T then decided he wanted to taste me and went down between my legs. There is something to be said, about the fact that a stranger you met just 2 hours ago is licking and sucking you while your husband is on his knees and you are taking his full hard cock deep into your mouth. It’s so erotic that I cannot help but lose control, I start to cum once again, respectfully pulling T away from me as I climax. I only found out afterwards that this is one of his fantasies and know for next time to leave him down there so that he can taste every inch and drop of me while I gush over him. I could now not wait any longer, my impatience for sex had taken over my body and mind. I needed deep penetration. I needed to feel a throbbing hard cock slide into my wetness. In typical MFM style I positioned myself over C (who was now lying on his back under me) on my hands and knees T pushed hard into me. I gasped looking up directly into C’s eyes as he did. It was tight and deep exactly how I like it. There was no stopping me now – I know myself so well, I get to this point and my gushing is uncontrollable – I no longer worry about how I am making the bedding wet, all that is on my mind is the pure pleasure and how good it feels to have it flow out of me. My trademark sequels and moans fill the room as I let go.

Over and over again we had sex, we climax and take small breaks in-between, taking in the view of other couples around us. C puts me on my back, with my legs up over his shoulders he holds me tight and takes back what is his, I can feel his passion inside me, I can see it in his eyes. Probably one of the most vulnerable sex positions I have ever been in, in public, but this did not matter now. The feeling of pure ecstasy made that moment everything a woman imagines sex to be. Throwing my head back and gushing all over his hard cock once again.

What really dawned on me is how quiet and gentle everyone was being around us, in contrast our sessions, which were loud and intense. Yes, I can’t help moaning and squeal when I enjoy sex. I cannot keep the enjoyment in and immerse my full being into it. I also notice that we were the only threesome on the dancefloor so far. I was not sure if couples were sticking to each other or if they had already ‘swopped’ but I did notice many two by twos, this surprised me, for some reason I expected more mangled bodies. I enjoyed the fact that we had, unwittingly, put on a very sexy and erotic show. Who would have thought that I would have enjoyed being so open and holding nothing back in public? Proof that we learn a little new about ourselves every day, as long as we allow ourselves to explore.

Having experienced my first Harem evening, I am still not sure that it was the ‘norm’ of how they could turn out, I am sure the next one will be completely different. But the question to keep in mind here, is there ever a norm? Is there ever a standard of ‘how things should be’? I think not. Next time, (and yes, there will be a next time) it will be completely different. Watching other couples sensually enjoy each other, getting completely naked and becoming so aroused that all innermost insecurities disappear and sexual pleasure takes over. What most obviously stood out for me on the evening is that sex is not a fixed set of rules. Everyone experiences it differently, once again I am reminded that sexual enjoyment is your own personal journey. Make sure you enjoy it firstly and everyone joining in will enjoy it just as much as you. This is not meant to sound selfish, but in a way, it is – the only guarantee with sex is that your partner can only truly enjoy their experience with you once you have let go and deeply enjoy every moment with them. Include them in your desire, use their bodies for your pleasure and when they do the same in return your experience at that moment is ultimately enjoyment stemming from deep inside.



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