Three times a charm

The afternoon had started with a sexy photoshoot, something that would take me completely out of my comfort zone. That side of the camera I would have to give control to a stranger with all my clothes off. I was ready, I had to be, there was no turning back now. The shoot would continue for around 2 hours and must admit made me more nervous, than feeling sexy. The pressure of trying to look sexy wasn’t a turn on, but rather a feeling of being uncomfortable, not sure how and where to put my hand – maybe I needed to relax more, get used to letting go of control and believe a little more in myself… but that’s a share for another blog I guess.

Well the shoot ended and very quickly we got ready for a night out, with my hair and makeup already done there was not much to do but slip into something short and sexy, no bra needed, stockings hugging my thighs I opted for black high heel boots and a open v top – just the sides of my cleavage peeping out. We were off to a club we had gone to a year before, it was a new environment and I was not sure what to expect – I admit I was nervous as all hell. I was also worried that I was far to focus from the photoshoot, that I would struggle to get turned-on later, but I needed to put this thought out of my head.

C had been chatting to T beforehand and arranged that we would have a drink with him later, we had been with T twice before – and if you had been following our blogs you would be familiar with our Harem meet with T which was a very sexy and hot affair. Our second meet with T was also very hot but did not end well, not to any fault of his. Both C and I felt a little apprehensive but felt we were ready to dive back in to something we had enjoyed many times before – an oh I am glad we did. This was the third time we would arrange to play with T.

After a few drinks at the bar the three of us started to relax a little more, after our last meet I got the feeling that T was just as apprehensive as us. I started feeling more and more sexier and there always comes a certain point when I feel comfortable to take my top off, I can never say exactly when this will be but always know exactly when the time is right to slip my top over my already hard nipples – I enjoy watching the eyes of men walking past – my hard nipples catching their attention as they make their way to the bar. I started to tease C, kissing him seductively and rubbing my hand up and down his crotch, softly touching my breasts up against his chest – I could feel him getting hard in his jeans. C whispered in my eye that it was ok to include T. He was standing close enough for me to reach over and rub my hand up his cock at the same time. I pictured the view from the dance floor – me in my heels and short skirt with a guy on either side and I am lucky enough to have both of these hard cocks in hand. All to quickly C pushed himself into me pinning me up against T who was now leaning back on the wall. If I can just mention, at this point, that being fucked up against a wall has always been a turn-on fantasy for me but having two men made it more than I can imagine and extremely erotic. C kissed me passionately while T rubbed my clit through my lace panties, I could feel his breath on my neck – a very sensitive part of my body sending a shiver down my spine. I unzipped C’s jeans and slid my hand in, he was so hard that I hardly had space to move my hand over his cock. I could feel myself getting wet already.

The moment I could, I slipped my panties off down over my boots. Passing them to C at a bar felt so sexy and empowering, maybe the nudge I needed to show off a little more on the dance floor around the pole. Now with shirt off and gone, who knew how much I would flash from under my little black skirt. I could see C and T making their way forward… a little closer to the door which lead to a private room, we all knew it was time to head off to a private room and once I had made my way off the dance floor we walked over without hesitation.

The room was hot, dimly lit with a red glow. I lay back on the bed unzipped my boots for C and T each to removed one. My legs in the air, I was well aware that my wet vagina was showing as they slipped my boots over my ankles. Leaving only my black lacy stockings on C started kissing me while T got completely undressed. T quickly moved in-between my legs, I arched my back into him wanting my full area in his mouth. C was standing right next to me just close enough to take his throbbing hard cock into my mouth, I had planned to take it in slowly but with T teasing my clit with his tongue I could not hold back and took C straight into my throat.

C sucked on my nipples and T moved up and gently bit the other one while C turned me over on my hands and knees. T sitting on his knees infront of me, I could now put him into my mouth and taste my second hard cock of the evening. I gasped as C, without hesitation, pushed his throbbing cock into me – I could feel his large head move up inside me, so hard it forced T’s cock deep into my mouth. I could feel his hips slamming up against me – he was fucking me so hard it made me come all over his cock. I could feel him grab my hips as he started to come inside me, his moans filled the room. As he finished off T quickly turned me over and continuing with fucking me hard. I was on my back with my legs up on his hips, I started to come over and over. I could feel T’s hard cock inside me as I felt my warm fluid gushing over it. The room was now hotter than ever, all our bodies glistening with sweat. We all now needed another drink.

At the bar we all sat with an after sex glow on all our faces. That just fucked look was apparent. One drink later we found ourselves considering round 2 and none of us were in disagreement. All to soon we found ourselves in the voyeur room. Mattresses lined up on the floor, a reminder of our 1st Harem evening and our first night with T. I notice a couple who watching through the window, as I started getting undressed. Both C and T started kissing and playing with me, C making me come while I was standing there. The couple outside the window were now having sex, turned on by our little “show” I thought. Before I knew it I was on my back again with C in my mouth yet again. T was rubbing his cock up and down my clit, gently slapping my clit as I came. T had moved behind me, I pinched my thighs closed over his cock. While moving my hips and feeling his movement over my clit I sucked C’s hard cock into my mouth, I could feel his juices welling up in the base of his cock and I asked him to come over me, without hesitation he did, over my breasts making my gush so hard I could feel my body quiver. T moved over and slipped into me, fucking me hard. C sat back up against the wall to soak in the moment and watch how a single guy pulled his wife’s hips as he fucked her. C has always mentioned how much of a turn on it is for him when I lose control and get completely lost in my orgasm. Once he had gained his composure he lifted his phone and took a few sexy snap shots of T and I finishing up.

We all lay back on the bed, breathing hard and catching our breath. Giggles of sexual euphoria and disbelieve filled the room. What a night, what an experience! Once again 3 in the room was everything and more than could be expected.

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    1. Thank you for you comment, it’s always great getting them. I must agree we do have a good relationship and this lifestyle is making is stronger by the day.. and thirdly😊 that is T inside me and C taking the photo. It does look like bareback in the photo but safe sex is always important and not negotiable. He does have protection just can’t be seen here. Keep reading and hopefully keep enjoying . Lizzy xx


    1. Thank you for you comment, it’s always great getting them. I must agree we do have a good relationship and this lifestyle is making is stronger by the day.. and thirdly😊 that is T inside me and C taking the photo. It does look like bareback in the photo but safe sex is always important and not negotiable. He does have protection just can’t be seen here. Keep reading and hopefully keep enjoying . Lizzy xx


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