When in Rome

There are so many things this journey has taught us. One that I can mention now is never can you plan ahead, you never know what a night out can bring. Not even in the ‘swing’ of things do things go according to plan. This night in particular many plans changed but all for the good. So where to start? As always at the beginning I guess…
 We decided it was time to explore a new venue and joined the biggest party we have been to till now, we visited Club Rome for the first time. After an hour long tour my feet were tired, I was thirsty and keen to get going for the night, but just before the end of our tour our guide briefly mentioned the swing and how it works. He briefed over it quickly because I am sure he could see that everyone on the ‘new comers’ tour of the club were now eager to get the evening started officially. That swing never left my mind from that moment… i was curious to know (and feel more)… but later.
 Our first plan was that I was going to practice my flirting skills, could I walk up to a random stranger chat him up with the idea that we could enjoy our usual MFM threesome together, well first plan – not going according to plan – not cause I wasn’t in a hot and sexy mood, but rather the moment or gentleman never presented itself. Plan two was for a large group of us to meet at the club, I was looking forward to meeting a bunch of lovely people in this environment – well this group now only consisted of C, myself and T – you might know T from previous blogs. Even though plans for a few people did not go according to plan as well as random strangers, I was quite satisfied that the possibilities of playing with T once again was on the cards. After a few drinks we walked around a little and scouted out the upstairs area. An open plan platform looking down onto the dance floor. A very public area with ‘harem style’ mattresses and couches. C and I headed straight for the couches, I was horney and in the mood for a round of raunchy sex. C sat down on the couch and I straddled his lap, moving my small G-string to one side I felt my clit rubbing his jeans and the bulge growing inside them. For a brief moment we got lost in each other, so lost that we completely lost T in the process. We weren’t sure where he had gotten to and because we had planned to play together we briefly waited and looked out for him, but neither of us were eager to wait too long – there was no reason why we couldn’t still play together besides sex just with the two of us has always been a hot erotic affair – another something we had not planned but soon became a very welcome alternative. C and I found ourselves a mattress in the corner with only a very thin, very see through curtain between us and the rest of the world (or so it felt). We passionately kissed while we quickly took our clothes off – well I did not have much to take off at this point- much earlier in the evening, as per tradition, my dress had come off and all I was scouting was knee high black boots and thigh hugging black stockings with my black lacy G-string barely covering my most private bits. I lay on my back and waited for C to quickly push his hard already throbbing cock deep inside me. My legs hooked up behind his back, I wanted him deep and hard, I came quickly, wanting this all day, I could not hold back. He felt so good I could feel his every inch inside me. I could feel his body tensing up I could feel his movement becoming so urgent, I knew my man all to well – he pulled out just before he came, grabbing his cock in one hand he jerked off over my body – while feeling his warm cum landing on me I could feel my own warm cum seeping out of me. The world has stopped for a few moments and we had not even noticed people standing around watching. How unplanned and how filled with ecstasy we felt.
 We giggled a bit like two love struck teenagers and decided to go back down to the bar and enjoy another drink together… and there we met up with T again. We chatted and laughed but I could not help but feel that T was a bit distant, it was asif he seemed unsure if we were still wanting him to play with us that evening – the night was still young and little did he know that I, for sure, still had many naughty desires floating around in my head. T and I found ourselves on the dance floor, I felt extremely feisty and sexy by this stage. Even though I had promised myself I would not pole dance this particular evening it drew me in like a moth the flame – and apparently my dancing on the pole had the same effect on two other women close by. They grabbed me, literally pushing T out of the way, these women wanted me I could feel it, but I knew what I wanted. There was no doubt in my mind how much I wanted another round of hard pounding and no women was going to do at this stage. C and T were all that was on my mind.
 C suggested we find ourselves a room, but on a busy night like this there was no private room available, upstairs once more. I could feel myself getting impatient I did not want to wait any longer, I could see the hesitation on the two mens faces – here and now in public their expressions seem to say. While these two got undressed infront of me, I slid onto the ‘harem style’ mattresses (mentioned earlier) – back flashes of our first meet with T flashed in my mind. I began to touch myself gently, convincing these two almost naked men to join me… asif I even needed to try hard, they joined me quickly. Starting with C in my mouth, which is one of my favourite activities when having sex. I love the perceived control I have over this big strong man by taking his hard cock deep into my mouth. T went straight down on me, but not for long – I could feel his urgency to be inside me.. not knowing this time was going to be different. He turned to C and asked if he had permission – permission to enter bareback, which was given. We put on quite a show, once again attracting a little bit of a crowd. A couple lay down next to us, using our energy and enjoyment to further enhance their experience. I enjoyed glancing over at them from time to time, our eyes met once or twice. I knew that if I gave the slightest of signals then we would all join together and change this threesome into a five some, but thats an experience I wanted to save for another day. C & T needed a break and we all rolled over with me in the middle once again. De jevu once again I looked down and I was lying between these two strong male specimens both their hard cocks in my hands. How I love this view. But this was only a short break, soon enough I found myself riding T while he lay on his back. C stood close and I eagerly sucked his hard cock, welcoming it into my mouth. At this point the couple next to us moved in close her partner was fucking her hard from behind while she watched me thrust my hips feeling T’s cock deep inside of me while rubbing my clit on his body. C then demanded his turn, on my hands and knees C fucked me hard from behind. I had T’s cock in my mouth while enjoying C’s hard reminder of who I belonged to. I glanced back to see a strong deep look in C’s eyes. I love this look, I could see almost a savage want in his eyes, a need to take me as his own once again. We both came together in sync, the world fell away for a few seconds.
 I was feeling energised, we briefly chatted to the other couple and then made our way to the bar for a quick drink. It was to be a quick one, I still had that swing on my mind. C and T took the lead walking through the endless passageways trying to find a private room. To my excitement the ‘swing room’ was the only one which was not occupied. I noticed other couples were starting to wind down for the night, we had energy enough for one more. I wasted no time in making the appropriate adjustments to the swing, making sure my hips would be perfectly ‘cock height’ for the ultimate g-spot stimulation – and oh boy did I get the angle just right. On my back with my legs in syrups C penetrated me so deep, and wow I had no idea it would feel this awesome. I gasped from the pits of my inner being, he was rubbing directly onto my G-spot, this made me cum instantly. T was in my mouth inbetween my screams. I could feel the inside of my body begin to shiver with orgasmic pleasure. C then offered his position to T, he also fucked me hard over and over I could feel my body losing control to my orgasm. At this point one of the guys suggested we move over to the mattress, I can’t say who for sure because the room was a blur at this point to me. I would agree to anything and that I did, finally we would try DP with T. We had been teasing each other with this for a few months now.
 T got down first on the mattress and once again I straddled his hips. I only trust C with anal penetration and he knew this. C gently prepared the area, softly fingering me while I rocked my hips on T’s hard cock. I made a point of keeping him in deep. Thats what I wanted at this point, I wanted to feel both cocks in me as deep as they could be, I could think of nothing other than having both completely and erotically deep inside me. My G-spot was so sensitive at this point and I could feel C adding that extra dimension of ecstasy. I could feel my body filling with energy that wanted to be released. After a few gentle attempts C was completely inside me. I was filled from both sides with two rock hard cocks. I could almost feel their throbbing side me. I could hear C moan with enjoyment which guided my orgasm through my body, through every muscle which started to shiver and tingle right down to my finger tips. In unison all three of us moaned with pleasure. As I started to climax C pulled out and spilling his warm cum over my back (and onto T’s hand which made us all laugh out loud). Club Rome produced a night filled with almost every one of my fantasies. This was most definitely a night to top them all.

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