Fantasy come true

This story has two parts which I am going to need to cover in two separate blogs. I would keep you here reading for hours if I covered every small detail of our poker evening in one story. Yes, we arranged a poker evening, one that included very little poker and a huge amount of sex. But for me to get to the part where one of my ultimate fantasy cames true, I need to at least give you a bit of background to how it all started.

C and I have been planning a group get together for a while now. It all started with me mentioning that some sort of gang bang would be right up there with my other hot fantasies. We wanted an organic (and by organic I mean unscripted, unplanned) get together, an evening with no choreography or expectation, but rather a flow of sexual energy in one room… we got more than what we asked for. We invited one couple and two single guys, with us included we had a total of 6 eager “poker” players. After a very entertaining hour of pretending to concentrate on a poker game, and might I add, me sitting at the table with my skirt pulled above my hips and two single men fingering me while cards and chips were shuffled around on the table. We moved to the sitting room where without any effort, clothes and g-strings were tossed one side and hours of hard sex began. I am going to jump a bit from here, C has promised to write about the evening from his perspective because I want to cut right to the chase and tell you about how lucky a girl I am to be pleasured by three cocks at the same time. I have had the pleasure of being fucked by three cocks at once but that evening pales in comparison to this.

Well, after ticking off one of C’s fantasies, with the help of “L” the other hot wife in the room, we gave C a double blow job, two of us licking sucking and kissing his cock together. Both of us moving together up and down his shaft our lips and tongues touching inbetween, as it so happended for a brief moment… I kissed a girl and did not mind it. While I was enjoying the absolute pleasure of giving the man I love  such heavy pleasure, I too was on the receiving end of being fucked from behind by one of the single guys, lets call him G (because you are going to hear more about him below and in future blogs). G was pounding me so hard that it took a lot of my strength and concentration to keep from losing all control… but that moment would come later.

Wow, later it did. After a few more hours of orgy fucking the couple decided it was time to go home. I relaxed thinking this was now the end of the evening and I enjoyed the fact that for quite a few hours I had been fucked from all directions by four different men (I know this sounds very slutty but its the way Lizzy likes it). I was wrong. In hindsight how could I even think this would be the end of the evening. Take one hard, horny as hell husband (who gets tremendous pleasure in seeing his wife been fucked into pure pleasure), two very energetic, fuckable, hard as rock single guys, and one Lizzy who has been gushing for hours now, leaving everything wet and sticky… place all four naked bodies on one couch and fantasies comes true, well for me at least.

It caught me by surprise, I was relaxed and almost considered not having one more session. In the beginning I went with the flow, still thinking I can stop at any point, I felt I could not go on anymore, this all changed and there was no ways I would want to stop anything. Keep in mind that this was after about 2 or 3 hours of solid pounding, gushing, fucking – on my knees, on my back legs in the air, folded over, cocks in my mouth and fucked from behind. Did I have one more left in me? it seems I did.
Before I knew it G was pulling me closer, on his knees infront of me while I lay on my back with my lower half of my body slightly off the edge of the couch. C and T (you know T by now from previous stories) each standing next to me, cocks as hard as can be… if you know me well by now, I have a weakness for hard cock which must be taken deep into my mouth if presented in close proximity, and especially when dripping with pre-cum. I can even feel the throbbing now while I sit and type this for you.

So its now G fucking me hard, my legs in the air over his shoulders and I am alternating between C and T’s cocks in my mouth, my hand strocking one while I am sucking the other, one on either side of me. I could not take them deep enough into my throat, I wanted to taste all of them and as much as possible. This continued for a while, C swopping places with G – now just picture this ‘luckiest girl on earth’ scenario. I am a married women with her husband between her legs, his cock throbbing hard while he fucks me with all he has because he is so turned on by the fact that his wife is losing all control with this MMFM activity around her, he mentions how he can feel my cum dripping down his leg (I am by now quivering in orgasmic pleasure), my two single guys (mine only for this moment) alternating their cocks in my mouth and on my body.

The final stretch, C and T now change places. I have T fucking me hard like he has many times before, with G and C next to me. Its here when I realised one of my fantasies might just be coming true. If you read my blogs regularly you would have picked up that just recently I realised how much I enjoy it when a man cums over my breasts and body, C jokingly calls it a “cum fetish” and I think he may be right. Now just imagine what would happen to me if two cocks spilt their warm cum on my tits and body all the while I am being fucked by another. Over the top heavenly ecstasy. And this is what was happening right here. First C started cumming, he moans as he sprays cum over my breasts, I immediately start gushing again as I feel and see his cum dripping from his cock and landing on me. T still pounding me, I could feel myself cuming all over his cock. While my pussy was still contracting with orgasm, tightening over T’s cock, a few minutes later G started to cum over my body. Fuck! I have no words to describe how incredibly hot it is to witness this from below, to feel it all over me, and to know its for me. I cum uncontrollably my body had no choice but to surrender to a fantasy I thought only happened in porn movies. And to make it even hotter these men were cumming over me because I turned them on, they were cumming for Lizzy – there is nothing hotter than a man that loses control because I have had something to do with it, I literally lose control while both of them cum all over my body. My screams and moans must have been heard by the neighbours. I think I might have stopped breathing for a few seconds while my whole body felt like it had been pushed over a ledge and I was free falling with sexual satisfaction. What more could a women ask for? Well, I know and will save that for another blog…

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