Hall pass

Eventually I can sit down and put pen to paper, as it were. Our first hall pass experience. It’s been a few months now and I have been keeping all the saucy details in my head ready for when I can finally sit down and write my blog (and also with a little help from a very sexy video we made too).

But first you need to know about the build up about how we got to this point. As you probably know by now C and I enjoy MFM fun, and if you have followed all our blogs you would know that once I am transported into this sexual fantasy world, I dive in with all of me, enjoy every touch, every motion. But seeing what me being turned on and losing control does to C, drives me even more over the top – something I am not sure I could even explain – why it turns him on so much and why seeing him turned on by our threesome playtime, turns me just as much.

Well, this story starts with a business trip I had to make out of town, I was asked to attend a business function and was geared up to meet and greet all sorts of new client prospects but in the back of my mind was the constant thought of what C had mentioned the day before. Ok, so we had been talking about a hall pass experience for a while now, but that was fantasy and, as I have said before, fantasy sometimes should remain just that… or so I thought. C had other plans and was talking about it more and more. I could see that this was something that really turned him on, I sometimes found myself playing along but was never sure I could actually go through with it. I worried that something could go wrong – what if I completely lost myself in the moment without C there… would he still be ok with it? But now I was considering it for real, who would I choose? Would he be keen? How would I play without C in the room? Would I even be able to perform? It had been years (well almost 22 to be exact) that I had been alone in the room with another man – never mind invited up there for one reason only.

I knew I had to make a move and I had to at least put a line in the water. C was already a little disappointed that I had not made any headway the night before at the welcome cocktail party. I would have to at least make some sort of attempt and maybe at first I went through with it not to disappoint C. At this point let me add, making C happy and turning him on makes me feel like a very special women, so I am happy not to disappoint. Little did I know that later it was me that wouldn’t be disappointed, but let’s not jump the gun here. So with butterflies in my stomach I sent G a message. G was someone we had played with before, both C and I trusted him and felt he was the right choice for this fantasy. Besides, G had done a tremendous job turning me on before so at least I would be assured that would be taken care of this time round… well that was if he even accepted my invitation? I wasn’t sure he would be keen to play again – no particular reason other than doubting myself I guess. Maybe if he didn’t reply I could always say I tried, “oh well maybe he did not enjoy playing with me that much anyways.” But this was not the case.

I sent my first message. pretty coy… “Hey G. How you doing?” Expecting a delayed reply I put my phone away in my pocket for later, but felt the silent vibrate of a reply message straight back – no time wasted. “Hey. I’m alright how are you doing?” My reply had to get the conversation started otherwise I would just chicken out (I knew myself to well), so I sent… “Am all good.” Then I send another “am sitting here in your side of town, ALONE.” He replied that he was actually close by and had just finished up work for the day. I thought I should tease a little more and see if he caught on to what I was leading up to here. So I asked him if he had plans with his free time after work? Because I also had a little free time. I am not sure I was good at dropping hints and was now getting worried I would have to come out and ask directly, which isn’t really my style. I enjoy playing games. His reply nearly blew my socks off, “I could come over and fuck you like some kind of animal if you’d like?” Well, after the colour returned to my cheeks, my reply “oh wow, that was direct, I like it” and with that it was settled. I sent him a pin location and now had just enough time to get back to the hotel room and freshen up. But before I did that… A hall pass was never allowed unless I asked C directly for it. Something I had never done and wouldn’t do until I was turned on enough to ask directly – a little game we play. “Babe”.. I send a message. “G wants to come over to my hotel room to fuck me like an animal. Please let me have a hall pass so that I can spend the afternoon fucking and filming it for you?”

The answer back.. “YES I thought you would never ask!!” C reminded me to film ever part of it, and not because he wanted to ‘spy’ on me, but rather the thought of seeing his very own porn star wife in action drove him mad.

What to wear, outfit on-outfit off. Does it even matter? Yes it does, no it doesn’t? Wow my mind was a mess, I felt like a little school girl after her prom going to have sex for the first time. My heart was beating in my chest while my pussy was slightly wet in anticipation of what would happen not too long from now. Looking down at my freshly showered breasts they were quivering, my heart beating fast underneath.

Then the sound of a message on my phone, it was G. “I am here, what’s your room number?” With my hands shaking I typed right back “3rd floor room 321.” “On my way up” he replied. I sent my last message to C. “He is here, I love you more than anything.”

A knock on the door and I opened to let G in. He took a few casual steps into the room and after noticing how nervous I was grabbed me around the waist and started to kiss me. One thing about G is that he loves to kiss and it drew me in straight away. Ripping off my shirt, it quickly got intense, this is how I liked it, this is what turned me on – a man wanting this so badly, he respectfully takes it. It took my last bit of will power to stop him, so that we could position my phone camera and press record. I had now moved over to the bed, my bra and underwear on. And my socks – usually socks need to be the first to go, there is a unwritten rule about socks and sex, but these were black over the knee ‘school-girl’ socks and G wanted them to remain. I moved onto the bed, he took his jeans off and slid over me. I could feel his cock getting harder as it rubbed over my hips, already I was impatient and wanted him inside me. Kissing me and rubbing his body over me, my breath started to deepen and slight moans from inside me started to escape my chest. He pulled my bra down and started sucking my nipples while I slid my hand between his legs and held his hard cock in my hands. Rubbing my hands up and down him, over his underpants, his shaft reacting ever so slightly with every stoke.

He slid my bra off and I helped toss it onto the floor. He murmured “fuck” as he held my breasts in his hands and slide down my body pulling my black lace panties over my knees. He took a small taste of me and smiled as he told me how wet I already was. Blushing, I admitted I had been this way all afternoon waiting for him. My body squirmed as he ate my pussy, I lifted my hips to his mouth wanting more.
I arched my back, throwing my head back as I felt him lick over my already sensitive clit, running my fingers through his hair I grabbed the back of his head pulling him into my clit. I could feel his tongue lashing over me softly into me and out, again over my whole pussy. Grinding my teeth as I threw my head back enjoying the increasing arousal growing inside me.

I grabbed his hand, our fingers interlocked, as I started to feel the first tingles of my orgasm growing inside me. I warned him that I was going to cum. Thinking he would pull away he only buried his face deeper into my pussy. I pulled his head in deeper as my orgasm made me start to moan louder. Even typing this now I can feel my pussy remembering my body surrendering to it’s gush. I am not sure I will get to the end of the blog without touching myself a few times before the end.

Licking from side to side, up and down I started to gush, slowly it builds up inside me little bits at a time. My legs over his head and back, I grabbed the headboard behind me as I felt the warm juices running out of me my breath disappearing along with it. I needed to put his cock into my mouth, I needed to taste his precum. I turned over and slid down off the bed pulling his underpants off, his cock stood out at me ready to take into my mouth. I could not hold back, there was no playing softly around the tip, there was no time for foreplay – I took him deep into my mouth I could feel him tighterning up as I did. Licking his shaft from the bottom all the way up to the top he slowly leaking into my mouth. We both looked up at the camera reminding me that C was sitting some place wondering what was happening and probably also as hard as a rock in anticipation, a thought that turned me on more than I could ever have imagined.

After sucking him and feeling his cock jolt over my tongue I asked him to put a condom on, I wanted him to fuck me and I couldn’t wait any longer. While I sat infront of him sucking on his balls he slipped a condom over his cock. I climbed up onto him and sat on him, feeling him slide into me. I couldn’t help rocking my pelvis up and down feeling every inch touch inside. At this point he took control, grabbing me and turning me over onto my knees, he took what he wanted and I was so turned on by how he took control. Seeing a man tap into his primtive self and take what he needs is as hot as fuck and such a turn on (with the ladies permission of course). I love that moment of all control lost.

It didn’t take long, I was cumming and could feel it dripping out of me. Glancing at the camera I could picture C sitting on the other end watching me with his cock leaking pre-cum through his jeans. His throbbing head shape showing through his pants at his meeting – knowing his wife was in the throes of an orgasm.

G fucked me hard and I could feel myself pushing my hips back bumping into him, pushing his cock deep inside me. He forcefully turned me over onto my back, I did not mind how he wanted me as long as it was deep and hard. He stood over me putting my legs in front of him and up onto his shoulders, something that G does very well is stand over your pussy and fuck you from above, I grabbed his thighs and could feel as I dug my nails into his tensed muscles every time he fucked deep into me. As I started to cum he pulled his cock out and slapped my clit with the head of his cock – making me gush even more. He then vigorously started to finger fuck me while I came over and over again. I was starting to lose count of how many times now.

He grabbed the condom off his cock and I knew he wanted to be in my mouth again and I was happy to take all of him in. While I sat next to him sucking in every inch of his cock he played with my clit. Fuck, I couldn’t help it I wanted to cum some more and he was making it very easy to do. With his cock in my mouth I let out a muffled moan and the juices just sprayed out of me, my back arching and my legs going weak under me. Fuck, Fuck I moaned as I heard his hand splashing the cum out of my pussy. His moans met mine as I swallowed his full cock. I wanted to take it all in as much as possible. He turned back up onto his knees and we kissed wildly while I touched every inch of his cock, he very quickly turned me over and fucked me from next to the bed once again. I did not know where to grab, the sheets his arms anything. I stiffened up as I came again. He fucked me hard and deep, repeatedly slamming himself into me. I tried not to scream out too loud, conscious of being in a public hotel. I could not help it, I went over the top and down again.

We both now needed a break, time to catch our breath. I sat back naked on the bed and picked up my phone. There was message after message from C, he was anxious for details. Trying to text him back my fingers were still quivering from the multiple orgasims I had just endured. I decided to call him and to my surprise he was already downstairs in the hotel lobby. G began to eat my pussy once again and I gave C detailed commentary of every feeling and tingle in my pussy. It was so sensitive now that with every stoke of G’s tongue I almost lost it again while I tried to find the words to explain how my body was reacting. Sending messages of ecstasy to every part of my body. I decided to switch over to video call. I could see he was sitting in a public place watching me, on my hands and knees while G once again fucked me from behind, my head bobbing forward as he fucked me. It was hard to find the words to explain how it felt, our eyes lock and I could see a demon kind of look brewing on his face. Without warning he said “I’ve had enough, I am on my way up, I need to fuck you now!” In record time he was in the room his jeans off and he grabbed me as if this was the first time he was ever having sex with me. His urgency sent me over the top before his cock could even penetrate me completely. I was cumming all over it. I could feel every inch slide into me while he held me tight reclaiming me as his own. He took my breath away as we both climaxed together, my body shook as the last bit of warm cum dripped out of me and flowed down my pussy. My body felt limp as I fell back on the bed. There wasn’t anything left for a threesome even. We all sat back and soaked in the glow. While getting our breath back we started running through sexy stories of the afternoon’s events. And what an incredibly hot experience it was.

C has the video on his phone and still watches it often. He can’t stop talking about his favourite porn video, starring his wife. I think he might wear it out some day, which means I am going to need to make a plan for a new one pretty soon…..

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