a HEAD start

Out of the blue we received a message from ND. A long time playmate who we had not chatted to for a while now. ND was coming to town and it was time again for some threesome fun. C had made other plans already, which meant I would go off early and keep ND company while we waited for C to arrive. But alas, nature has a cruel way of messing up your plans and I started my cycle on the day ND arrived. It has been a while since we last played and I think I was the most disappointed at the outcome.

But, ND was already in town and we had made plans so I went on and met him for some drinks while we waited for C. Now, at this point, I can feel my nerves taking over and left to my own devices I would end up chatting all night, quite possibly talking far too much. Thankfully ND knows me pretty well by now and quickly suggested we go wait for C in the room. I knew I would be giving him head and going down on him a little later. I did not mind in the least, this is a huge turn on for me and I would need to be careful not to turn myself on too much, as I could already feel myself getting wet just from the thought.

We got up to the room and ND didn’t waste a moment. Starting to kiss me he reminded me that it has been far to long since our last visit together. I sat on the edge of the bed as he started kissing me. It dawned on me, here I was well on my way to another hall pass and C was all too happy to oblige.
ND gently pushed me back onto the bed running his hands over my breasts while kissing me and sucking my nipples. Fuck, If only I could, I would not have hesitated to let this man’s hard cock inside me. I already wanted more and we had not even really started yet. I unzipped his jeans and could see the outline of his rock hard cock as I did. Sliding my hand into his pants I gently pulled everything down exposing his hard cock’s dripping precum right at face level, ready for me. I took everything into my mouth and could feel him surrender as he filled the back of my throat.

I moved down onto my knees and he sat on the edge of the bed. As I sucked up and down his shaft I could feel my nipples brushing his leg, making them hard and sensitive to every touch. His cock was leaking precum into my mouth, something I have become quite obsessed about. Licking the drops off the head of his cock as it flows out of him. I started to move up and down taking every inch, over my tongue into my throat, with every one of his groans I wanted it more, running my tongue up his shaft every time I came up for air, gently sucking as I did. I could feel his cock contracting as the cum started gushing inside of him. He wanted me to slow down, he wanted to last a little longer and I was working too fast. I tend to do this sometimes, I get so turned on that I can’t help but want to take it from 0 to 100 in 30 seconds. I wanted to touch myself, make myself cum but this was not possible (for me at least) and could feel the frustration building up inside of me.  I had no doubt that this would show in how I was sucking ND’s cock, I wanted every inch of him inside me and if I couldn’t take it into my pussy then I was sure as hell going to swallow as much of it as I could instead.

ND guided my hair out of the way holding it back while guiding my head up and down over his bulging head. If this man wasn’t going to cum inside me tonight, well then there was no way he was going to get away with not cumming over my breasts. One of the hottest things I have come to know about myself.

After a while of sucking his cock he suggested we move over onto the centre of the bed. Me lying on my back while he sat on top of me, his cock close to my mouth. Holding him in my hands I could suck his head and play as I wanted, licking his head, running it over my lips and tasting every inch of him. He put his hands around the back of my head, pulling it towards himself he fucked my mouth, probably harder than anyone ever before. I was so turned on when I saw how, for the first time, he was giving me instructions and I was completely his slave for a moment in time. Each time he allowed me to come up for air I glanced up into his eyes which were filled with unimaginable lust. Allowing me to suck and play gently with his cock, kissing and sucking it seemed to drive him mad, again he could not help but grab the back of my head and guide his cock deep into my throat over and over again until I heard him say “I’m going to cum!” I reminded him to cum all over my breasts which he happily did, covering them with hot cum. As he came I could feel my panties getting wetter while I rubbed his juices into my nipples, listening to him moan with relief.

As if it was a well planned fantasy movie, C knocked on the door as I was cleaning the cum off my breasts. ND let him in and his face lit up when he entered the room with me sitting on the bed with my shirt off and bare breasts exposed. Nipples still hard from the hot experience I had just had with ND not 5 minutes before.

We chatted a bit catching C up on the evening’s antics while he was away. I could see him getting more and more anxious as we gave him all the details of how ND’s cock had explored every bit of my mouth. He wanted the same and without hesitation he undressed and positioned himself next to me. Another hard cock for me to make my own, and this was a cock I knew very well, every inch, every weakness – I could manipulate this cock at my will… and how I loved to do so!

Now just a little something about me… every now and then I have find myself on my back with two (sometimes 3) cocks over me. This view, from below, has become one of my hottest fantasies and I snapshot it in my minds eye every time. It’s more than just watching porn, where the men guide their hard cocks over the women for the camera, it’s hotter then that. Being the actual porn star with a front row seat to these throbbing cocks, wanting to spill their hot load all over your body. Ask Lizzy what turns her on and this is one of the first scenarios she thinks of.

Sorry, I drifted off a bit there. So, I am on the bed and C is on his knees with his hard cock in my hands and mouth. There was no build up or working this cock up, it was locked and loaded from the get go. As I glanced over, here was ND, his cock also hard and ready for round two. This was the view I fantasize about and when I look up I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Moving my head from one to the other I keep a hand on each of them jerking them off as I give each shaft equal attention with my mouth. The tension proved to much and it didn’t take long, with my hand tightly wrapped around C’s cock, I could feel the cum start to pulsate through it. His moan signaled that he was about to spill cum all over me, my breathing low and slow as I accepted his load over my breasts. ND now close too, I was spoilt with another cum-filled load over my willing body. As I touched my nipples I could not help but clench my pussy and feel warm wet cum seeping into my underwear. No other way to describe two cocks over you, than to say this kind of thing is AS HOT AS FUCK and I seek it with every MFM experience we find. And even though I never had an opportunity to feel the penetration of multiple cocks in my pussy on this evening. I enjoyed the control and serender of my mouth over them.

I look forward to ND’s next visit. This time I am going to be sure I am ready and when these men once again make a mess of my body I am not going to be holding back my own orgasm but rather gush with absolute pleasure and release. Besides I have an orgasm or ten to catch up on. Stay tuned…..

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    1. So sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the compliment☺️ I really do enjoy what we do. I do believe more women out there would do the same and enjoy sex but good old fashion beliefs tend to stand in the way of open mindedness sometimes


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