I had a dream

Fantasies. I have come to learn that fantasies come to different people in different ways. Some are more of a wishlist than a fantasy. Some are best left as they are, and should remain a fantasy. Some are seen online or on TV and then are added to a memory fantasy bank. Mine mostly come to me as a dream, more a scenario that could become reality. Well, this story is one just like it. I had a dream.

With a weekend away with a few lifestyle friends pending, I drifted off to sleep with sexy thoughts on my mind. I dreamt of a hall pass type scenario. C would be outside just in earshot while I indulged in a hot steaming shower with a new single friend we had come to know. From here on he will be known as GA. The scene was hot as hell and when I recalled the story to C, I could immediately see it had the same effect on him as it did me. He was hard as a rock in mere seconds. This would be a hall pass and one of my own fantasies all rolled into one. The one big difference with this hall pass is that it specifically included GA. I can’t recall that I had ever been in this situation before, where I had a specific person in mind. Before this time fantasies have never been so real that a time and specific person had to be involved. This hall pass was different to the others. I wanted it and I wanted it with GA, this turned C on like no other because it was my mind and my desire leading the way this time.

I am not going to waste time telling you the dream, might as well skip straight to the punch and you will get the gist of it then. So from the top..

As I mentioned before, a planned weekend away with some lifestyle friends was just on the horizon. One other couple and GA had confirmed they were joining us. C and I had played with GA twice before with great success. Our meets were full of energy, smoking hot and needless to say, wet. GA fits nicely into my barman fantasy too. He works at a club we had been frequenting. Ordering drinks had taken on a whole new flirting meaning. The anticipation of waiting for the end of his shift added to the excitment every time – ok so now I am being sidetracked (who could blame me).

It was a few days before the weekend. I told C that I had this dream of having sex in the main shower while he hung around just outside and could hear everything going on inside. C was keen and once again the only exception from C was that I film the whole thing. I agreed as I knew the video afterward would give him (and me) great viewing pleasure over and over again. This has become my connection to C during my hall pass meetings. He may not be in the room or present but knowing him and I could watch the playback later on has become a huge turn on for both of us. I have now become my husbands very own private porn star and am loving every minute of it.

After a weekend of endless fucking and blow jobs a many – I think I had lost count of the number of orgasms I reached. Both C and GA were relentless and fucked me in the pool, next the the pool, in the kitchen and even on the kitchen counters. After days filled with endless sex, C and I went back to our chalet in the evenings and fucked some more, once again reaffirming and binding our love and connection to each other.

I woke up on the final day of our weekend and mentioned to C that I was going to shower in the main lodge shower. It was up to him, I was ready and, if he was too, then I left it up to him to invite GA into the shower and join me. My heart skips a beat ever time I think of him allowing a hall pass but this one was different, this one I had chosen, wanted and requested. His heart must have skipped a few beats too.

GA walked in, already my mind was in predator mode. I was wet between my legs even before I had the shower on. He told me he was there to wash my back and, turning my back to him, I agreed it needed washing and I needed (wanted) so much more. Straight away we started kissing, our naked bodies touching each other while the warm water dripped down between us. Running my foot up his leg, he grabbed mine and pulled me in closer. Cupping my breasts he ran his hands down my body to my clit. He had learnt all my buttons by now and knew exactly how to touch me. I could feel his hard cock touching my body while we continued to kiss. I spread my legs inviting his fingers into my pussy. My hand found its way down and around his hard cock, losing my breath slightly as I took hold. My hips started to sway to the rhythm of his fingers teasing my clit, wet to his touch.

Still kissing, our tongues now locked with desire, he pushes me up against the wall pinning me back with nowhere to go other than against his naked body. GA could not have known, but this is a move that pushes me over the top – up there with my favourites. I have a continuing fantasy of someone so hot and horny for me that they pin me up against a wall and fuck me as if only their orgasm matters, no words spoken just sexual need, not having a choice by to falter into their desire… this kind of sex is as hot as fuck – oops there I go again getting lost in another fantasy once again…..

Back to the shower, there I was with my body between cool tiles on my back and his warm flesh running the length of my body front. His hands flat on the wall on either side of my head. I reached down and grabbed his butt cheeks in both hands, pulling his hips closer to mine. I could feel his hardness and wanted it in my mouth. Without hesitation or thought I dropped to my knees and took all of him deep into my throat. I could taste every inch of him and it tasted like … more. I wanted more, I wanted all of him inside me. I turned around and, without hesitation, he positioned me over. He slid his cock into me and began fucking me from behind, making a splashing sound of water between us. I giggled a little before turning the shower water off. His hands on my breasts, he continued to push his hard cock deep inside me. With the sound of my pending ‘orgasm squeaks’ he grabbed my hips and pulled me closer into him, sinking his cock as deep as it would go, my hands braced on the wall pushing back. After a weekend of hard fucking GA had learnt a few of my signs and was now using them to his advantage right here in the shower. As I came I stood up towards him my back touching his chest. I could feel his breath on my neck. I could feel the hot liquid flood out of me, with one hand grabbing his cock (which had now been pushed out of me with the clenching of my orgasm) holding it against the length of my pussy while I peaked, feeling the cum drip down my legs, my heart raced.. this was only the beginning. Pulling his head closer I whispered that I was supposed to be quiet (aware that there were staff walking around outside) his answered back matching my whisper directly into my ear,  “I like it when you are not quiet”, oh my soul I started losing all sense of control. A wave of disbelief covered me for a second, how was it so easy to get lost in a situation like this, your husband just outside the door? A younger man deep inside me? and all I could think was that I needed more of this, what ever “this” was, I wanted more and would figure out how it was possible later.

I smiled and bent over once again indicating to GA that I wanted more of what he had to offer. This time I held my body lower making sure I could feel him deeper inside me, exposing more of my g-spot. He began to fuck me hard and fast, my moans loud, no longer worried about staff outside. My only focus was his cock inside me, his hands on my hips. I turned my head and told him harder and I could feel his fingers dig deep into my flesh pulling me in while I used my hands on the wall to push back onto him. As I started to cum once again, with my one hand I held his cock inside me and he continued to fuck me through my orgasm. I could feel my cum flow over him as it dripped out of me. As I stood up I wrapped my arm around the back of his head pulling my back closer into his chest. He reached over and began to rub my now very sensitive clit. We began to kiss once more, I was lost in this moment my knees feeling weak. How could this be? How could I lose myself to such an extent? Never had I lost myself like this with another man in the lifestyle before. We went at it one more time. Me falling forward as far as I could go and him holding onto my hips as if this was the last chance he would ever get with me. Over and over I felt his cock glide in and out of me, my knees struggling to hold me, I pushed as hard as I could into him and gushed once again, my pitch higher than ever now, I could hear his moan of satisfaction every time I did. 

As I felt my peak wear down I wasted not even a second and turned to take his cock into my mouth. On my knees in front of him without so much as giving him a choice I took all of him in. I could still taste my own orgasm, a reminder of where his cock had been a few moments before. I took him as deep as my throat would allow, over and over. Every now and then glancing up at him, catching him looking right back at me.

He began to fuck my mouth back (it never sounds great to say it like that but in this instance I am not sure there is any other term good enough to explain this very moment.) Running his fingers through my hair he took hold of it at the back of my head and pulling me in closer, I could feel his surrender. I love the feeling of a man losing all control, I love the moment before he cums. I get lost with a man who takes control and takes what he wants, but at this moment I am in control of him and there is no compliment bigger that a man who cannot control his urge to cum because of you. I looked up at him and asked him how he would like to finish… with a mumbled moan he told me not to stop. After a few long deep thrusts into my mouth he grabbed his cock and started short jerks over his tip. I could not help but play with my clit at the same time. Just the anticipation of his cum all over me was making my pussy drip. He started to moan and shoot his load over me, as I could see his cum splash on my breasts I moaned out with pleasure. White, thick liquid dripping down my breasts, my legs weak under me. I had to take a moment to recover before I could stand up.

As I stood up, I turned the shower tap on thinking this was now done. He stepped closer into me and started kissing me once again. My fingers running through his hair while his hands drew my hips closer. Once again I found myself pinned up against the wall while he took control of me. We kissed passionately, over and over. This was a first for me and had never happened with someone other than C before. Now starting all sorts of questions in my mind, I already wanted more.. How could this be? 

Stepping out of the shower we were relaxed and comfortable, once dressed I stepped out to find C relaxing outside. He was hard as a rock under his shorts. I could also sense a slight bit of confusion in his eyes – but maybe it was just my confusion reflecting back at me, how could I have just enjoyed a steamy shower with my husband out of the room? How was this possible and how could it be allowed to happen? Answers could wait, I walked straight up to C and gave him the deepest reassuring kiss I could. I wanted him to know how much I loved him and in everything (even this) he is my finish line. No matter how many questions there are, we cross the line and answer them together. This man I love so dearly has offered me a gift to explore my fantasies and trusts that I will come back to him each time. It’s difficult to explain in words but each time he does so, my heart swells even more with love and adoration for him. Never mind my desire for him.. that’s a whole new level each time and my body can’t wait to recieve his familiar touch with his cock bringing me “home” once more. I hope I’ll be able to write about more adventures with C and GA and this “thing” that’s developing.

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