A married couple exploring things that excite and interest us sexually. Our personal journey through sexual growth, communication and of course exploration. We have been married for 21 years and been exploring for the last 4. We are by no means experts in any sort of sexual lifestyle, we want to tell our story and share our experiences, to like-minded adults, as we grow together.

Each meeting, each experience is new and brings with it different insight and level of sexual excitement. We hope to reach those who are just as excited about sexuality and exploring a new level of experimentation within their relationship. We are not into hard kink (not yet, because we don’t create boxes with ‘never’ stickers attached). First and foremost we enjoy each other and how our exploring enhances and strengthens our marriage. What we do might be frowned upon by many, but it is not them we are looking to please, we know that they could only understand why and how once they have removed their walls, their boxes and stepped out into the unknown.

Enjoy and please feel free to message us with questions, support or ideas you would like us to consider for our next blog.

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